VERIFY: Does smoking weed help protect you from catching coronavirus?

VERIFY: Does smoking weed help protect you from catching coronavirus?

There are all kinds of headlines out there these days about how you can avoid catching kovat 19. Some people actually suggesting and sharing articles that say you should smoke weed. Yes, that’s what I said: weed Jason Puckett verifies.

So there is a real study that we’re going to dive into, but the problem here is really how the study is being represented. Studies aren’t meant to be fact: that’s not how scientific research works. They test a theory report their results, that’s it, but it’s pretty common for articles to take those results and spice up the headlines. Let’s jump in this is the study in question. Basically, researchers at the University of Lethbridge in Canada applied multiple strains of CBD to cells.

To see if it changed their ability to be infected by the Cova xix virus, they found that high concentrations of CBB lowered the number of cells that the virus could attach itself to. But there are some important caveats one. This is only talking about CBD extracts. That’s the part of a cannabis plant that doesn’t make you hot. They were testing medical applications of CBD like a mouthwash or throat gargle.

They specifically say this is not about smoking. Wheat and third, the study is a preprint publication. That means it hasn’t been peer-reviewed and the tests haven’t been repeated. Yet now these caveats don’t mean you should ignore the study. It just means we need more research before we consider the findings as proven, or the fact you don’t have to take my word.

Here, ‘s Olga Kovalchuk one of the lead researchers on the study. I don’t want people to jump and say: oh yeah, let’s just go, grab anything and have this full sense of protection. No. This is a first stepping stone to a trial that will actually have the will be very important to prove it so bottom line. The study has nothing to do with the recreational use of marijuana and shouldn’t be an excuse for people to smoke it.

A less entertaining headline might read that a Canadian study found certain CBD strains could lower the chances of COBIT infection, but more research is needed with your verify. I’M Jason Puckett

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