The Dangerous Rise of Contaminated Weed | High Society

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The Dangerous Rise of Contaminated Weed | High Society


A while ago, a husband accompanied in to our Berlin office claiming to be a big-time weed peddler. And he said despite offsetting tens of thousands of euros every month, he wanted to get out of the game. His reason?

The weed business isa lot dirtier than most people think. So before he stops distributing for good, he wanted to tell us what’s really going wrong. I’m heading to Banks hometown, where has asked me to meet him in a parking garage. Hi. Just this morning, Banks has received a delivery. He wants to tell us about a brand-new jeopardy with the weed that he’s selling, so we head to his bunker to see his stockpile. But something has gone wrong with the concoction in recent years, and that is the first subject on which Banks wants to blow the whistle, But whilst the cannabis trade is in the entrusts of offenders like Banks, toxic grass is not the only problem.

Banks sources his cloth from organized crime in the Netherlands. He communicates with his contacts using a specially encrypted phone. Banks showed me an example of the casual violence at even low levels of the weed trade, a video he received from one of his patrons. Banks puts a drop on the other side of municipality. Last-minute, the German police would demonstrate to us that chemicals and weed have become a big trouble, and that they have been linked to harms, psychosis, and even death. If the risk is so low and the money so good, I’m wondering whether Banks will really manage to get himself out of the business ..



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