Make Your Own Cannabis Suppositories

I’ve been a cannabis user for over 25 years so in doing that I discontinued up getting my medical poster because ms qualifies I was having some complications with my MS I developed my second reptile image so I went to see my naturopath I went to see my “doctors ” I “ve tried everything” I managed to find nothing was helping and I got online because something in my ability my intuitive ability clicked on and it said go investigate what cannabis can do for this my brother who passed away about five years ago died of rectal and liver cancer so it’s kind of always been with me and I met a recipe and it literally at 2:00 in the morning I utilized I used to straw I tried to figure out what I could use for a mold and I happen to have some of the oil in two days everything was completely gone everything was completely regenerated there were no manics there was no fissure it was sort of my epiphany moment like oh my gosh if this can do this for me “whats being” this do for all these people I know that are suffering but with the suppositories you’ve got to have something as a basi you can find it online I got this at brand-new season so I would add together the basi and the cannabis oil and I prefer a onetoone ratio one to one being one gram of THC and one gram of CVD so this is this is a suppository mildew I prescribed this online this is a exceedingly standard mold and when you tell them online this they all really look like this take a letter so about a cup of cacao butter okay so you softened it first yeah they’re going to turn on yeah that’s good and then we want to defrosted it yeah that’s good okay I’m gonna melt it so that it doesn’t boil but it just takes excerpts solid and gets it into a liquid love about this is that although I’m utilize two grams of petroleum there’s only 0.23 milligrams 0.23 0.25 milligrams of THC and CBD in it so it’s a highly very small amount of THC and CBD but what that small amount does is that it goes into the back door and it runs directly into the bloodstream and it bypasses the liver and so the medication starts instantly to activating the endocannabinoids system it starts immediately to the pain and the rednes and it does not give you a head high-pitched this is the THC so I really composed the grandiose humankind oh look at that so this is the CBD oil this is the CBD same sticky containment yep yep or formerly the cannabis oil touches the cacao butter and with it heated up it just sort of immediately coalesces so what I’m going to do now is pour it into now exactly to give us a lieu to draw from and it’s just got this really beautiful golden green and so I have this a 2.5 milliliters syringe and this is 2 milliliters I’m suppository mold it’s a father seed that’s a big deal freedom all we do is put it in the the freezer for 1 hour although it was has worked in 10 to 15 minutes and I could describe it as like my stinker feeling really good um but yeah this is what they look like when they come out huge you