Kings of Cannabis: Part 2/3 (Documentary)

Music PLAYING KRISHNA ANDAVOLU Colombia ,’ s, landrace genetics have been on Arjan’s wish list for years, but up until now it’s been far too dangerous to jeopardize deep into the jungle. The last 50 years have realized a merciless internal conflict between a slew of armed factions, allied with different political creeds. It’s all kind of confusing, but when it comes down to it, it’s a battle over who controls the drug trade, Though it’s gotten better. Things are still really bad. After eventually, get our truck out of the mud, we woke up the next morning to startling news. The guerrillas ,’ second in authority, was killed yesterday in a brutal shoot out. Arjan ROSKAM Here’s, the body pockets. This is the area we are in right now. This is the guy. There will be some extra attention today, because one of large-hearted masters has passed away: KRISHNA ANDAVOLU Our plan was to go back to Gato’s place and then head further into the mountains to find the Limon Verde. We were inhaling, gras the whole ride up: Inaudible Jackson, Jackson, Ay, KRISHNA ANDAVOLU. Each time we stumbled a military checkpoint, I was sure “were just” fucked, Unfazed Gato disbanded, specific situations, EL GATO, because my two brothers get killed in the last three years by some fuckers in Medellin. They kill my family and control. The business now here in Colombia, but just because they’re, burglars KRISHNA ANDAVOLU. Even still he’s, acutely enthusiastic about weed and weed culture. El GATO And we’re just doing our thing because it’s our fucking operation in life-time And we’re happy to do it And it’s not a matter of why you do it or not. You just do it because you don’t feel criminal for do it, For you, it’s like having cows and milk them ARJAN ROSKAM. So we’re going to try to make a brand-new attempt today to speak to the leaders, because we need the permission for them to go around here in these mountains. Otherwise, we’re going to get seized and have great problem: EL GATO SPEAKING SPANISH, ARJAN ROSKAM, Instead of us go in the mountains there, they know where they’re hanging out. I think they just made a last moment, or they probably knew once yesterday to surprise us FRANCO LOJA. Is it a good ratify or a bad indicate? Arjan ROSKAM Yeah, it’s very good KRISHNA ANDAVOLU With hostilities so high. We couldn’t simply glow through insurgent seen province without going dispensation firstly, But the leaders didn’t want to be on camera. El GATO, SPANISH EL GATO Go guys ARJAN, ROSKAM, INAUDIBLE, KRISHNA ANDAVOLU. The leaders awarded us allow, But before we are also able freely hunt in their territory they would need four dates to verify Arjan’s legitimacy and make everyone in the area know what we were make So Arjan decided that we would suspend our search for the Limon Verde And president northward to the city of Santa Marta to look for the other two landraces. We were after Punto Rojo and Colombian Gold. Santa Marta is a city literally built on weed. In the’ 60 s and’ 70 s tons and tons of Colombian Gold were exported north through the Caribbean to the US. Hundreds of peasant farmers became remedy gentlemen overnight, FRANCO LOJA. We are after two of the most famous landraces in cannabis, history, Colombian Santa Marta Gold And then there’s the high altitude strain announced Punto Rojo. It implies red scatter. Arjan ROSKAM Every day is a great day. El GATO Soon we’ll be fucking politicians. Man LAUGHING ARJAN ROSKAM, We’re going to scout landraces up from the aura And then later with the cars we can go into the areas to find the fields back with the coordinates we have on our GPS, MUSIC PLAYING ARJAN, ROSKAM And everybody says to us. Yeah in the north, there’s not so much marijuana anymore, But yeah everywhere you go. It ripens It’s like a lettuce deluge. It’s, unstoppable FRANCO, LOJA, It’s a complex mixture between laboratory science and real field work, And that’s. Why, when the big corporations get interested in marijuana, they can’t do it alone, KRISHNA ANDAVOLU, With the info obtained from the helicopter razz. We ability into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Gato’s relationships would take it from there EL GATO. This is the area of Columbia, where the old-fashioned marijuana sell started back in the 1970 s, The people grown an enormous amount of money by exporting large quantities of landrace. They basically improved the city of Santa Marta out of cannabis fund SPEAKING SPANISH KRISHNA, ANDAVOLU SPEAKING SPANISH SPEAKING, SPANISH ARJAN ROSKAM SPEAKING, SPANISH SPEAKING, SPANISH KRISHNA ANDAVOLU. The discipline was full of Colombian Gold. Punto Rojo, nonetheless, was much more difficult to find FRANCO LOJA. This looks really like the original. You experience the maroon already in the manes original Punto Rojo, celebrating KRISHNA ANDAVOLU And it’s a little more mature than the others. Franco LOJA And you see it’s more mature. The report contains seeds inside You see how sativa the needle is no overlapping whatsoever, excessively long leaflets Space in between the circulars. You can read a newspaper through this leaf. I think we can appear. We can excavate KRISHNA ANDAVOLU Yeah. Can you find the seeds, FRANCO LOJA? I believe that we can delve right this. Second, We can dig for some nuts here, Let’s dig for some beans. I feel it. I feel it. I feel it, But it’s young It’s. Not no. This is not mature. Let’s seem lower in the seed because, frequently when it gets pollen it gets earlier in the stage Here we go Here. We proceed. Please be brown, Please be brown. Yes, It’s, brown enough. Krishna, ANDAVOLU, Nice, FRANCO LOJA. It’s not really mature. It could be a couple weeks older to be considered a very good grain, but it’s mature enough to germinate. This is the original landrace textile that I can multiply that I can place in my library that I can use to create new genetics that are going to acquire cannabis beakers that are going to build people rich that are going to applied people in jail that are Going to change fates and animations, And this is why I wake up with a smile every fucking epoch of my life Great. I adoration this ARJAN ROSKAM, We’ve got grains, somebody Yeah. This is a really good plant. Let’s muster all the stuff now. Franco, LOJA Man, we restrain this seed organized in a fucking, ARJAN ROSKAM. You think you’re unionized What kind of pussy bag is that buster FRANCO LOJA Look now So KRISHNA ANDAVOLU, He said a pussy purse, ARJAN ROSKAM! This is a bag. We close them. Krishna ANDAVOLU, Then, what do you do with them? Put them in your pocket, ARJAN ROSKAM. They entered into with my lumps That’s how reputation they are. We’re going to keep them here. Krishna ANDAVOLU. They go right here, ARJAN ROSKAM, Let’s go to the next one, ARJAN ROSKAM. We have a big factory. We have a factory with 800 light-headeds. This is where we bring our seeds back from different countries. Franco LOJA. We seed a large number of seeds. 10. 000, maybe 20 000 seeds, And then we select, perhaps 5, perhaps 10, really gone characters, KRISHNA ANDAVOLU. How do you get the seeds back, FRANCO LOJA By transmit them in the mail if it’s possible because they’re small-minded? They don’t contain any THC If you scavenged them properly from the dark-green information they don’t reek Dogs, don’t even odor them, KRISHNA ANDAVOLU And it’s legal, It’s technically law FRANCO, LOJA In Holland, yes, KRISHNA ANDAVOLU In Holland, Franco LOJA. So when we land in Holland with the grains , nothing charges KRISHNA ANDAVOLU Great FRANCO, LOJA It’s only about leaving the country where you are with the grains. That can be an issue. Our life is one foot legal, one hoof illegal. We juggle on this fucking razor blade all our life bro That’s, what we do, MUSIC PLAYING SPEAKING SPANISH, ARJAN ROSKAM. I don’t understand why governments repress this concoction so much better It’s completely ridiculous. There’s absolutely no way that you can say this is a ordinary road of doing things. If this plant will be legal, many guerrillas and other parties would not have money to finance war against local farmers or other farmers or other people and the tobacco industry. Wouldn’t have such big hoofs in the world countries. Krishna ANDAVOLU Business in dope can be like a big fuck you to big corporations. If that’s right ARJAN ROSKAM. This is exactly the problem of why it’s illegal KRISHNA ANDAVOLU. We received the grains, Everyone seems to be pretty fucking roused. It was amazing to hear what Franco had to say. He clearly knows what he’s talking about, And this is what they come here for And if they’re innovating business from this kind of R D, it sounds like a triumph win situation, Or at least I’m having a good time. Oh look. I get discerned ones: FRANCO, LOJA, Ay, ay, ay, My man, my soldier, ARJAN ROSKAM, Yeah that’s a really nice one, FRANCO LOJA. The signature is here: We have a Punto Rojo in the members of this house, my being, KRISHNA ANDAVOLU, Beautiful FRANCO, LOJA Fuck. The library goes richer and richer Arjan Our adversaries, dream of what we have Dream. It’s going to be embarrassing soon . .