How Boveda Works for Cannabis

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To give you a little bit of background about Boveda: Boveda is a patented two-way humanity control product which means it’s going to add or remove sweat inside of your container to maintain a specific relative humidity rank. Now, what allows Boveda to do this is it’s unique ingredients it contains a natural salt, water, and a thicken ingredient inside a alter osmosis membrane which conveys Boveda is only going to allow, in and out, one hundred percent pure water vapor. So why is this important to you? Because Boveda, inside of this container, is going to lock in that moisture content of your bloom by regulating the humidity inside. When you lock in that moisture content of your cannabis, you’re eliminating weight loss due to moisture evaporation. So everyone is getting exactly what they paid for which means you’re going to retain your terpenes in your flower. Studies have shown up to 15% more terpene retention when storing with Boveda. Not to mention you’re going to enhance your colour, aroma, smack, and lock up those trichomes so they don’t evaporate and fell out of. So if you guys have further questions, affected us up on our social media or online at our website. Hope you guys have an awesome day !.