First Time Trying CBD Oil For Chronic Pain (2/14/18)

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First Time Trying CBD Oil For Chronic Pain 💪 (2/14/18)

This is my very first shipment of CBD, oil, [ Music ] good morning y’all rough morning. I honestly was not planning to pick up the camera mentos feeling a little better, but something adorable happen. Hi hello. While you are adorable, I’m actually not talking about you managed to make it downstairs, and I found this from Judd.

This is gorgeous about a sailboat, a pink sunset wow. This is so touching. It says the card says with you: life is an adventure happy Valentine’s Day and he wrote the sweetest most amazing. I’M not gon na share what he wrote. Cuz, it’s personal, but you know this is not typically like Jun to the romantic gestures. So I know he put a lot of thought into this, and I’ve got a great man. Alright, I have made it to my destination. I need the heating pad. I need my know-how sure to go down. I will see you all in a bit new car, though he gave me snuggles.

Your nose is like right in my armpit. Well y’all. I am feeling a bit better. Harlow actually slept on our bed all night last night, usually she’ll get off after a while, because she gets too hot, but I woke up and she was happily laying between Jen and I well. She was actually kind of invading judge space and me like pushing him. So then just started coming into my space, but we made it work.

Anyways I’ve got a physical therapy session and the PT should be here any minute now and then I’m going to try I’m thinking today. Alrighty I had my physical therapy. It went well. The first thing he asked me is: do you have your AF o Xia and I said no, but my appointment, I’m not sure. If I told you all you got is Friday to get my AFOs and my joint braces from hanger clinics. So, looking forward to that anyways as a Valentine’s Day treat, I am making judged some pulled pork, one of his favorite things.

The last time I tried to make pulled pork. It went not so great. I cooked it on high instead of low, so the pork really didn’t shred well, but I think this one’s ready to be shredded. Oh my goodness! Yes, it’s strutting beautifully okay, so the secret is to cook it on low for six hours instead of high three hours. Tada alrighty, so I shredded it up. I put some of this sauce in it and I actually have a recipe to share with y’all cuz. I was like if I mess this up again, I want to blame it on a recipe, so I’ll put a link to it in the description and then I added some sticky fingers Carolina, sweet and I think, he’s gonna love it alrighty y’all.

I said I was trying something new, and here it is. This is my very first shipment of CBD oil. So I’ve been talking with my doctors about my chronic pain and we are always looking for new ways to improve my quality of life and to help me manage my pain. And it had been suggested to me to try CBD oil. And if you want to learn about my pain, management plans and past discussions of this, I would check out my pain, management playlist.

So originally I was opposed to trying CBD oil because I was worried. It would lower my blood pressure and I already have problems with that. I have to take medications to keep my blood pressure up, but I think that was just me not knowing much about CBD oil, some people, it doesn’t do anything to BP some people. It goes up down, we don’t know exactly how it’s going to affect me, but I talk to my pain management doctor about it and he thinks it’s at least worth a try, because many people have had a lot of success with CBD oil and if it helps Me, how wonderful would that be, especially since it is natural?

Now I did a fair amount of research on CVD oil before deciding to do it and before deciding which come, I was gon na purchase from, and one of the first things I learned is that many people have very strong opinions on which company is the best To purchase from, and what I think will be true in this instance – is that every brand can affect everyone differently, and you really need to do a little bit of trial and error to see what works best for you, so the company I decided to go with.

First is one that a fellow eds vlogger uses. Her name is Christina doe tree and this company is called Sara Moo and if it works well for her, I felt confident giving it a try to see if it works well. For me now, CBD oil may do nothing for me. I know a lot of people have success with it, but I’ve spoken to some people who said it really didn’t do much, or it did very little that it just wasn’t worth the cost.

So I am moving forward with this cautiously optimistic. I really really want it to work, but I’m not going to get my hopes unrealistically high. I, like my saying of cautious optimism. If this one really doesn’t do anything for me, like I said, different brands may affect you differently, so I will probably try at least one more time with a different brand. I was looking at Lazarus or Bluebird botanicals. Those look good because I have third-party testing on their products, but anyways. This is what I have right now.

So this is, it just came in this box. This doesn’t fit in our mailbox, so they delivered it to the leasing office. It was fine. It came with my receipt and this pretty stuff that looks like I know hamsters would use it or like birds for nuts, whatever Packaging. I guess and it came with this box now it’s open because I did try it. Last night I put a drop on my skin first because you know me I’m prone to allergic reactions and after a while, nothing happened with the drop of my skin. So I put one drop under my tongue and went to bed and I was totally fine. I wanted to try it first last night because well, that’s when it came in, but also Judd was home today he’s working, and so you open it up and here’s the oil it was facing the right way.

When I first opened it – and I got the theorem – you calm Pro – which I think just means it’s a higher strength than their original and it is mango flavor and a hundred percent. Pure hemp extract sublingual dietary supplement, 750 milligrams. Pure hemp extract – and this is one ounce – supplemental facts serving per container about 120 serving size is five drops, so I did one drop under my tongue. The dose would be five other ingredients, pure emu, oil, organic mango extract, it’s gluten, free directions, say shake well before use as pure ingredients naturally separate place.

Five drops under the tongue, sip sublingually up to three times a day or, as recommended by your health care practitioner hold under tongue for 20 seconds before swallowing store at room temperature does not contain THC. So, yes, I’m using CBD oil there’s no THC component, which is the component that makes people stoned um, and this is legal in all 50 states. If you want to know about prices for this specifically just check out their website I’ll link it in the description um. That’S kind of what I worry about it being cost prohibitive because it is kind of pricey and depending on how much I need it. But we’ll see I don’t even know if it’s gon na work yet and some say it has to like get into your system.

So it takes a while to start seeing effects or it works right away. I didn’t notice any difference yesterday from my one drop, but oh, I forgot to shake it so we’re gon na shake it up all right. You got my drops, I’m gon na like open. My mouth and use this while y’all are watching me. Okay, so here we go and then I leave it under my tongue for like 20 seconds, you really can’t taste anything. It doesn’t really taste like anything to me, maybe like a hint of mango but how’s. It been 20 seconds yeah, okay, I left it for like 30 seconds cuz. I wanted to be safe, but there we go. We shall see how it affects me, no difference yet, okay, but I will keep you all updated on my journey with CBD oil. I am really really hoping and praying it will be a good resource for me, but time will tell oh yeah. I have made it into bed. I honestly do not feel a difference with the CBD oil. However, my pots is giving me lots of issues tonight.

Generally, my heart rate is 110, 120, 130, so still tachycardic. Yes, my pots gives in the issues but looks like my baseline. Not tonight I am up in the one sixties and Harlow alerted to me twice today, one syncope. I was able to prevent violin and elevating my feet, the other one I I couldn’t even prevent it. So I mean I’m okay. Harlow alerted. I was in a safe place, but my pastas bad tonight and it started to get worse like two hours after I took the CBD oil, but I don’t feel the CBD oil is making my pasta worse, because I was having issues with it this morning and just The nature of the beast – I guess with the CBD oil I talked to Judd and kind of our game plan – is that I’m going to finish the bottle from therem you through the current bottle.

I have I’m going to take five drops in the morning and five drops at night. I watched the video. I edited the vlog a little bit and I think I put more than five drops in my mouth it’s kind of hard to tell, but anyways I’m going to take it in the morning at night until the bottle finishes. If I don’t see any difference with it, then I will try another brand and I’ve decided I’ll, try, lazarus naturals, and you know I want to really give it a good try, I’m really hoping it. It can help me also, if you all, have been watching the news.

I’M sure you know that something really tragic happened in Florida there was a shooting at a high school and it happened in Parkland, which is a several hour south from here. But it’s hard to know exactly what to say when these things happen, it’s heartbreaking and we feel it I’m sure, all through Florida and through this nation, and my prayers are, with everyone affected snuggling hard. A little close to her tonight she’s also very attached to me, because I’m not feeling well with my pots, I’m actually going to be running an extra leader tonight to hopefully help with it. So when I wake up tomorrow, I’m hopefully not struggling as much anyways. I’M going to bed so I thought I’ll say good night and thanks for joining us, [, Music ], you

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