City of Colorado Springs Looking Into Sex Event At Cannabis Club

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City of Colorado Springs looking into sex event at cannabis club


They are still looking into the details surrounding a controversial 420 friendly sex event hosted had a cannabis club over the weekend. News wise, Laura Wilson, first broke this story for us last week. She continues to track. It. She’s live in the studio with an update Laura, and this was the first of its kind event in Colorado, Springs telling people who RSVP to bring their smoke and the lube the owner of the speakeasy vape lounge tells News 5.


The event was perfectly legal because it was a private event hosted at a private venue. We reached out to city officials last week to find out, if that’s true, they referred us to cSPD who had no comment, but today, cSPD directed us back to the city. With those questions, we’re told at this point they’ve received reports about this quoted issue, but don’t have enough information to make a determination either way just yet it feels like the city would rather have prostitution than cannabis.


No, because I’m sure they have no problem with this because if they had a huge problem with it, you would have gotten a response out of them. Like we didn’t know, we’ll go take care of that right now and we’ve always opened ourselves up to all the different communities, whether it be LGBTQ, the arts community, the music community – and we just see this as an extension of that – and the first sex event happened.


This past Saturday night, the speakeasy vape lounge has plans for more of them in the future. We’Ll keep you posted on what happens next, Laura