CBD Oil Review – Can CBD Oil Help COVID-19? Check out this new study!

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CBD Oil Review - Can CBD Oil Help COVID-19? Check out this new study!


Hey, what’s up Dustin here and I have some really interesting and possibly very exciting news as it pertains to COVID-19 and CBD. You might be thinking, wait a second. How does cbd have anything to do with COVID-19? Well, here’s the deal we’re in the middle. It’s May 22nd right now we’re in the middle of this pandemic worldwide everybody’s trying to figure out how do we treat it and I’m going to tell you right now up front.


I am not making any claims that CBD can treat, prevent or cure any disease, including COVID-19, but I’m going to share with you an article and I’m going to post the links down in the description of this article. So you can read it yourself of some studies that have been done in Canada, and these scientists are claiming that CBD oil, like the oil that we sell here on our website or, can help prevent by up to 70 percent the disease of COVID-19 they’re. The ones saying that I’m not the one saying that they’re also saying that it is good for treating covenanting, and we know that there is some inflammation issues when it comes to the coronavirus, and we know that CBD is good for inflammation.


So that doesn’t surprise me at all, but I want to read you what it says in a little bit of the science behind it, because you know what this might be a total hoax. It might be, you know it might be fake news um or it could be completely legit. Who knows, we don’t know? Yet I’m going to read you what this article says, because I think it’s pretty exciting as somebody that has farmed hemp and has produced our own CBD products. Let me read what it says.


So it says right here that these researchers conducted a study using artificial 3d models of oral airway and intestinal tissues, coupled with a limited sample of high CBD oil um that extracts and modulates the ace ii gene expression and h2 protein levels. Here’s the big point: the result indicated of their study that hemp extracts high in CBD may help block proteins that provide a gateway for the COVID-19 to enter the host cells.


So I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. What they’re saying is there’s this gateway called ace. This prevents the coronavirus from um, attaching as a that ace2 attaching to the cells in our body, and that’s, I guess, how it would prevent the disease at all. It also says the h2 has been generally accepted by the scientific community as a receptor required for the entry of sars moved into the into the human cells.


So anyway, this stuff could potentially block um from COVID-19 entering and actually attaching to the cells. In your body again, I don’t know if this is legit or not I’m reading to you what the scientists in Canada are telling me so um. I think it’s very exciting. Here’s the way I look at it um nothing to lose right. If you take this, it’s an all-natural thing, we created it and those of you who don’t know. I am a farmer, I’m in my home office right now, but my partner Albert and I we farm 10 acres of industrial hemp.


We processed that and extracted the oil um 20 miles away at the processing facility that I work with. We then be bottled and formula formulated and bottled um. These products here we’re selling them on our website at greenmethodfarms.com, I’ll post, a link down in the description and just for this video, if you’re watching this video, if you want to purchase from us and by the way, this is a premium hemp product, it is premium Cbd oil and we sell it for about half of what the other premium cbd brands are selling theirs for so you’re getting a discount.


But in addition to that, if you’re interested and you’re watching this video type in coven c-o-v id into when you go to checkout and I’ll, give you an extra 10 off. So that’s the coupon code, covid and I’ll, give you 10 at checkout um for the purchase of one of these CBD tinctures. So thanks for watching um, if you want to learn more about cbd or if you want to stay updated with the videos that I create, I’m really involved in this community and I’m making videos all the time so subscribe to my channel.


If you want to hear more about CBD and also click the notification button, because we’re going to be doing more videos when it comes to cbd oil and the potential health benefits from it. So thanks for watching and make today extraordinary,


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