Arthritis group gives guidance on using CBD products

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Arthritis group gives guidance on using CBD products

Welcome to 6:30 everyone thanks for being here tonight and I want to begin with a question about something called CBD and whether or not you believe it works, CBD or cannabidiol was discovered actually back in 1940, but has really boomed in the last few years seems like. We see it everywhere in food and beauty products even in pet supplements, but what exactly is it well put simply it’s a chemical compound from the cannabis plant. It accounts for nearly half the plant’s extract, but it does not contain the chemical THC.

That is the part that give people a high, and while there are ongoing clinical studies about what CBD can do, there are not a whole lot of evidence just yet and with the health and wellness industry is buzzing about CBD, a lot of people are asking for it. Specifically, and the connection to cannabis has made it hard for doctors to weigh in, but as Rowley Hoyts who joins me now says it seems to be evolving. It does indeed dog with the cannabis and CBD in a legal gray area, without approval from the FDA, the product gets credit for helping with all kinds of everyday ailments, but today the Arthritis Foundation published guidelines.

It’s a sign that the movement is getting more medical. We hope that there is more research done with it, because there are a lot of unanswered questions out there and with people turning to shops like this one in Little Rock sales, people like John Morgan have been trying to answer them now. The Arthritis Foundation is answering questions as well for an organization to come out like that. We think it’s another step forward in this becoming a product. That’s gonna be used to help, but just a baby step. For now, the organization says they have heard from its members: patients are finding pain, relief using CBD oil and the organization is ready to believe them. They’ve been on pain, meds they’ve been on arthritis meds and it’s either. The side effects are terrible for them or they’re.

Looking for an alternative to what they’ve been using, so here’s what the foundation advises, if you try it start with a low dose use only CBD products, don’t mix them with THC the stuff that gets you high in marijuana, use it only at night to get started. All-In-All ease into it because everybody is different. We recommend that you do start out low and then, after two or three days, if you’re not seeing results, then you can’t increase your dose and, most importantly, talk with your doctor. While the clinical research on CBD is scarce, there is evidence it can mess with your arthritis meds, but the foundation guidance shows more and more doctors are ready to consider it and we’re seeing more physicians, even here in the state of Arkansas that are recommending CBD products For their patients a couple other guidelines, don’t vape CBD products, they can to try and get pain relief.

So it’s a whole other medical debate out there right now about that, and the Arthritis Foundation does not want to wade into that crisis and also, it seems obvious, but this is for adults, another place where there is evidence that cannabis can be damaging is to young People, whether it’s CBD or THC, all right good, to know really what evidence, though, is out there right now enough, at least for the Arthritis Foundation, to come out right we’ve been talking about how scarce it is, what they’ve been pointing to a clinical trial. That’S been done on animals, it’s ash over that it did reduce pain and inflammation, but that’s with animals. It might not apply and be true for humans. There’s also another trial, that’s out there. It hasn’t been published yet, but it’s being quoted by arthritis doctors, but you should know it’s been funded by a cannabinoid drug maker, gotcha and the product itself. You know, we see the trouble with vaping.

How do we know this isn’t really something similar? It’s a concern in other parts of the country, plus especially places like Colorado and Washington, where marijuana and CBD are fully legalizing right alongside each other. Here the state has such strict testing protocols. Some would say too strict. In fact, the cannabis products are tested thoroughly in the shop we went to today said all of their products are third-party tested and often made right here in Arkansas, and you can’t dispute people who actually do believe it works and say it does that’s what they say. They say they find that their best proof comes when they stop taking it and their pain returns.

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